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Are you ready for #coliving 3.0? Well, in #Finland we are barely getting started with coliving 1.0!

This was a fascinating discussion between Gui Perdrix, from Coliving Diaries, and Matthew Lesniak from Conscious Coliving.

Beware, it is not a all praise to the current state of affairs and potential but a critical look on how coliving stakeholders must learn, adapt and improve in order to fulfill the societal, people and environment needs on the immediate future. Here is a tease:

GP: Matt, what do you think is missing in current coliving models — whether the young professional Co-Living 1.0 typology or the wider demographic Co-Living 2.0 model?
ML: The biggest gap I see at the moment is coliving businesses lacking an embedded approach to their environmental and social impact. Without integrated impact/sustainability strategies, coliving developers and operators are falling back into prioritizing global expansion and scalability before building products that are built around values of environmental sustainability, well-being, and social impact.

Published last year directly on Coliving Diaries site -which we strongly recommend!- it still is extremely relevant and provides great food for though… and action!

“Co-Living 3.0 – what does the future of coliving look like?” Read the whole discussion here. Enjoy!

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